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Akademia Języków Obcych Olymp

ul. Powstańców Śląskich 112/114 Wrocław

The Business English



The Business English program is a comprehensive vocational language training for individuals and corporate staff. The course is designed for people connected to business who want to use this type of language freely and effectively in the following fields: promotion and advertising, marketing and management, public relations, negotiations, human resources management, production and competitiveness on the market, organizational structures within companies, strategic planning and decision making processes, finances (budget, expenditure control, reports, procedures), banking terminology, loan servicing, shares, taking over debtors’ assets and many more.

The course not only introduces and consolidates the necessary scope of vocabulary, but also signals and analyzes many phenomena currently taking place in the business world. OLYMP Business also teaches writing professional letters and applications, giving references, conducting and participating in interviews, and many other issues useful in the world of business.