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About Us

In 2001, we began running our training programs on Gajowicka Street in Wroclaw. In 2011, we moved the headquarters of our school to Powstańców Śląskich Street, where we have been located since then. We have been organizing foreign language courses for adults, youth, children and seniors for over two decades. We offer both on-site classes at our school’s headquarters as well as online lessons.

We run business-specific courses specializing in various industries in companies located in Wroclaw and at our headquarters. We run Polish language classes for foreigners as well as organize classes in other languages, including German, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese and French.


Our Priorities

For over twenty years, our priorities have invariably been the high quality of our teaching and the satisfaction of our clients.

Our school is entered into the register of training institutions of the Lower Silesian Provincial Labor Office.


What distinguishes us from other schools:

  • we offer trial lessons

  • we provide complimentary e-learning for our students

  • a mobile application including a dictionary integrated with the course textbook is available

  • we organize free practice tests of the Cambridge English Language Assessment exams which are checked by examiners at Cambridge

  • we make sure that each student speaks the same amount of time at each lesson

  • we teach the use of the English language without translating into Polish

  • we use current, live language and English terms

  • we teach how to speak in complete, fluent sentences from the very first lesson

  • we practice grammar during conversations, and not through tedious exercises

  • we do not assign homework

  • we teach how to understand English in a variety of accents, spoken by a variety of instructors

  • we ensure a qualified staff: graduates of English philology and native speakers

  • in case of absence, we offer the opportunity to make up the class in a group at a similar level