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English for Adults


We offer courses at all levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2. Our English language courses develop communication skills. They also improve listening comprehension, spelling and reading comprehension. We offer group and individual classes, classes in general English and in industry-specific language. We can prepare you for certification exams or for taking up employment abroad. We encourage you to view the details of our offer.


This is our most popular English language course. Classes in the comfort program are held in small groups in cycles of either: Mon – Wed or Tues – Thurs or over the weekend. The Comfort program is designed for people who want to learn English quickly, obtaining a high quality service. Classes take place in the form of 2 classes per week and last 60 or 90 minutes each. Classes are based on Direct Language Lab textbooks, supported by a dedicated language platform and a mobile application which allows for practicing vocabulary.


OLYMP Buddy program is dedicated to a group of friends who want to learn together and whose work or study schedule does not allow for participation in the regularly scheduled group classes. Classes are held in groups up to 4 people, and we arrange classes and times with the clients individually.


For busy individuals who possess a limited amount of free time, we offer English classes via Skype. What does online learning look like? At the agreed time, the instructor connects with the client via Skype and conducts the class. The client may stay at home, be at work or on vacation, they do not have to spend time getting to the school, and classes can be carried out at any time of the day.


The weekend program was created for individuals who cannot attend English classes during the week. For them, our school is open on Friday afternoons and on Saturdays. Students taking part in the weekend program can learn English during one meeting – on a Friday or Saturday, consisting of 3 blocks of 45 mins each, or during two meetings on Friday-Saturday, which last 90 minutes each.


The Business English program is a comprehensive vocational language training for individuals and corporate staff. The course is designed for people connected to business who want to use this type of language freely and effectively in the following fields: promotion and advertising, marketing and management, public relations, negotiations, human resources management, production, organizational structures within companies, strategic planning and decision making processes, finances, banking terminology and many more.

The course not only introduces and consolidates the necessary scope of vocabulary, but also highlights and analyzes many phenomena currently taking place in the business world. OLYMP Business also teaches writing professional letters and applications, giving references, conducting and participating in interviews, and many other issues useful in the world of business.


A cozy atmosphere and qualified teachers are our advantages. We invite mature people aged 40+ to take advantage of our offer of learning English along with other interesting individuals. The 40+program teaches vocabulary and grammar, helps to improve pronunciation and provides ready-made communication patterns. The pace of the course is tailored to your needs and possibilities.


In order to meet broad interest, we offer Polish language courses for foreigners. If you came to us from another country – for a moment or longer – and want to learn our beautiful language, you are cordially invited.