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English for Youth

Nowadays, foreign languages are present in all high schools. Despite the fact that English is so common at present, young people still have problems understanding foreign phrases.

Being aware of this, in our academy we teach the language using the Direct Method.

The method of learning English for young people which is offered at our academy is an innovative way to learn, which relies on creating a language habit. Students learn the language by frequently answering the teacher’s questions and repeating complete sentences. Learning is primarily about conversation, thanks to which it is much easier to join discussions at a later stage. This method perfectly enhances the ability to communicate and understand the text you hear.

Below is a detailed description of our offer:


This is the most widely used English language course for youth in our academy. Thanks to the use of the Direct Method, the learning process is shorter than it would be in the case of any other method. Classes are held in groups of 6 to 8 students in cycles of either: Mon – Wed or Tues – Thurs, or over the weekend. The OLYMP DIRECT TEENS program is intended for young people who want to quickly acquire English in a communicative form. The tandem teaching system we use allows youth to become confident in dealing with different English accents. The OLYMP DIRECT TEENS program is supported by a language platform which is dedicated to the textbook, where our teenage students can consolidate the material learned during classes. Classes are based on Direct Language Lab textbooks, giving the opportunity to use the dedicated mobile application to learn vocabulary introduced in individual lessons. Combining learning methods in a class supported by modern technologies gives young people a high motivation for further foreign language development.


Beginning in the 2018/2019 school year, we are enriching our offer with an English course preparing students for the 8th grade exam. The course will aim to familiarize youth with the form of the exam. The course will develop all language skills such as: speaking, listening, reading, grammar, writing. At the end of each semester, students will write an internal exam in accordance with the 8th grade exam framework.


The Matura (matriculation exam) program organized by OLYMP is intended for high school students who want to prepare for the final examination in English at both the basic and advanced levels. This course, for high school graduates, is a program based on textbooks from renowned publishing houses and taking into account the current exam requirements developed by the Central Examination Board and described in the exam’s factsheet.


During the course, students will obtain the necessary information about the exam, and will learn and practice all types of questions which may appear on it. Interesting lexical tasks will enable the students to supplement any gaps in vocabulary on themes included in the catalog of exam topics. Grammar exercises will systematize previously acquired knowledge in the domain of the foreign language’s grammar and allow students to master the ability to recognize and apply various grammatical structures. The participants of our course will learn and intensively practice strategies of writing various texts, which will guarantee that the written part of the examination will not cause our students difficulties. During the course, our students take part in a free Trial Matura exam, during which they will be able to check their already acquired knowledge in practice and fully rehearse the form of the examination. Before starting the course, the students take the free placement test. The test is carried out in written and oral form and includes exercises for reading comprehension as well as testing vocabulary and grammar.


We offer organization of birthdays, parties or meetings with a Mystery Box. We prepare 2 hours of fun according to a theme chosen by you. Participants will solve puzzles leading to hidden ciphers and codes, all in order to open the Mystery Box. The box can store presents for the birthday boy/girl, gifts for all guests or lead to hidden refreshments. Animators will watch over the fun. Suggested scenarios: Harry Potter – Secrets of the Dark Lord, Ninjago, Time-Space Curvature, Albert Einstein, Pirate Treasure, Pokemon, Witches.