Meet our Staff


The staff at OLYMP Foreign Language School is carefully selected. We work with philologists, native speakers and foreign language enthusiasts. Our instructors, apart from knowledge of a foreign language, also have knowledge in the fields of economics, social sciences, psychology and pedagogy.

We invite you to meet our instructors and administrative staff, who are always highly involved and perform their jobs with passion.


Marzena is an administrative worker and a graduate student in the field of branding at the University of Wrocław. Always cheerful and composed, she is eager to help our students in organizational and administrative matters. She takes care of our clients’ matters with great enthusiasm.

Chris comes from the United States. In Poland, he is studying computer graphics at the University of Lower Silesia. He runs classes with advanced students as well as conversation classes.


Franco comes from Great Britain and runs classes with adults. He feels best in the area of Business English, and conducts classes both in General Business English and on industry-specific terminology. Always perfectly prepared for classes, he puts an emphasis on excellent communication with students.

Agnieszka has an MA in English philology from UMCS in Lublin and is a graduate of Postgraduate Translation Studies at the University of Wroclaw. She is always prepared for her classes and makes sure to get 100% out of every minute. On a daily basis, she translates numerous books, and is an animal lover in her free time.


Always smiling and positive, she runs classes with both teenagers and adults. She has an MA in Russian philology from the University of Wroclaw and in English philology from the Philological College. On a daily basis, she works with youth in high school.

Ola has an MA in English Philology from the University of Lodz. Always cheerful and well-prepared, she can motivate anyone to learn. She conducts classes at every level of advancement.

Iwona holds an MA in English philology from the University of Wroclaw. She leads classes with youth and adults and is always helpful and prepared for classes. She teaches at every level of advancement, and in her daily life is an employee of an American corporation.

Kamila is a Master in English Philology. An excellent methodologist. She teaches both children and adults. She prepares for language exams. She is always perfectly prepared for classes.

Kasia is a teacher with passion. She teaches both youngsters and teenagers. She gained her professional experience working at Montessori school and kindergarten in Great Britain and American School in Wroclaw. The lector has always been carefully prepared for classes.

Aneta is at the moment a 4rd year Masters student in English philology at the Philological College. She divides her time between her passion for teaching English and her studies. Always perfectly prepared, she leads classes with children as well as adults at every level of advancement.

A student of psychology at the University of Wroclaw, Dominika is passionate about films and the New Horizons film festival. She has a CPE certificate at level C2 issued by Cambridge Assessment English. In our school, she teaches children. Children love her for her calm disposition and her innovative ideas for conducting classes that regularly surprise every child. Her competencies in children’s psychology allow Dominika to reach every child.

A student at the University of Economics in the field of English, Gosia conducts classes with pre-school and school-aged children. Full of ideas, she surprises even the most demanding children. Gosia also conducts language and art workshops for children. She spent 4 months in the USA where she had the opportunity to perfect her English.


Michalina is a master of Polish philology with a specialization in teaching Polish as a foreign language. She teaches people from around the world. Thanks to her enthusiasm, positive energy and understanding, Michalina creates a pleasant atmosphere during classes, which helps in effective learning.

Staszek is a master of English philology at the University of Wrocław. Always perfectly prepared for classes, he runs them at the highest level, both with youth and adults.

Agata graduated from BA in pedagogy at the University of Wrocław, currently studying English philology at the same university. She loves working with children and young people. She is always cheerful and full of enthusiasm for work, she conducts creative and interesting activities at every level of advancement.

Ola is a student of German studies at the University of Wroclaw. She is passionate about German, English and working with children. Always prepared for classes, in an interesting and creative way helps children learn the language. She also teaches adults at every language level. She helps people of all ages break down language barriers.

Angelika divides her passions between biomedical engineering and English every day. She conducts classes with children in various age groups with great commitment. She is ingenious and creative during classes. She specializes in the use of kinetic exercises in teaching English. For 10 years she has also been passionate about dancing and she is associated with a youth cultural center where she cooperates in dance classes and festivals with children and teenagers. She also worked as a children’s educator in the camps.