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Placement test

If you have already been learning English, we encourage you to complete the qualification test, which will allow us to suggest a group consistent with your language skills.

If you are just starting your adventure with English, please complete only the application form.

1. Is a city small? YesNo
2. Is twelve minus three nine? YesNo
3. Are you answering a question? YesNo
4. Can you write? YesNo
5. Is Chinese a European language? YesNo
6. Do we eat breakfast in the evening? YesNo
7. Do we make the past simple of regular verbs by adding the letters -ed? YesNo
8. Do people sometimes add lemon to tea? YesNo
9. Is July at the end of the year? YesNo
10. Is a train heavy? YesNo
11. Is it necessary to pay when we buy something in a shop? YesNo
12. Would you sleep very well if your bed were too hard? YesNo
13. Do you drink when you are hungry? YesNo
14. Would you go to hospital if you weren't ill? YesNo
15. Is it common to catch a cold in autumn? YesNo
16. Does the temperature rise in winter? YesNo
17. Would most people feel guilty if they committed a crime? YesNo
18. Will you get thirsty if you don’t drink anything for twelve hours? YesNo
19. Do people usually consider all options before making an important decision? YesNo
20. Are some people afraid of ghosts? YesNo
21. Would you be happy if you came back from holidays and found out that your
house had been broken into?
22. “I used to have longer hair.“ – Does it mean that I don’t have longer hair now? YesNo
23. Are some people jealous of others' success? YesNo
24. Would you feel happy if somebody let you down? YesNo
25. “You needn’t drive fast.“ – does it mean the same as “You mustn’t drive fast“? YesNo
26. Do you have to turn over pancakes when you cook them? YesNo
27. Is it reasonable to give children sweets before a meal? YesNo
28. Is drug addiction a serious social problem? YesNo
29. Is it easy to deal with bad-tempered children? YesNo
30. Are people sometimes deceived by somebody who sells fake goods of
well-known brands?
31. “If somebody broke into my house, I would call the police“ – does it mean that
your house has been broken into?
32. Do we get gentle winds in a mild climate? YesNo
33. “He wanted to know where I had met the girl.“ - Am I correctly reporting the
question “Where did you meet the girl“?
34. Would it be striking if a poor student got excellent marks inan exam? YesNo
35. Are some people in favour of the death penalty? YesNo

36. teacher 54. application
37. open 55. invent
38. Sunday 56. behaviour
39. bread 57. demand
40. shoe 58. advertise
41. water 59. suburbs
42. make 60. guide
43. expensive 61. forbid
44. world 62. joke
45. buy 63. deceive
46. find 64. trust
47. favourite 65. regret
48. average 66. handle
49. choose 67. cheat
50. branch 68. assemble
51. sign 69. hesitate
52. trouble 70. awkward
53. invite

71. It's .......... eye.
86. If she had been more careful, she ... have had
an accident.
72. Am I .......... the window?
Jim told us that he .......... drive.
73. .......... you have a red box?
88. My parents allowed me .......... my books.
to burnburnburning
74. .......... like your town?
YouYou doDo you
89. Do you mind .......... the window?
if I openme if I openme open
75. Are there ... students in the classroom?
90. He .......... It seems he never rests.
always works's always workingalways work
76. I can .......... somebody in the corridor.
to hearhearinghear
91. We wash dirty dishes in a ..........
77. What .......... tomorrow be?
It's obvious the child used .......... too much television every day.
to watchingto watchwatch
78. A train is .......... than a car.
93. It's .......... impossible that people will ever travel through time.
absolutelyrarelyat all
79. .......... you at school yesterday?
94. The film wasn't proper for children under the age of 15. I think it should have been ..........
When .......... World War Two start?
95. It's time for me .......... to the suburbs.
movemovedto move
81. I have .......... to New York twice.
96. Are you .......... of any dangers connected with passive smoking?
82. If you .......... me a thousand pounds, I would be happy.
offeredwould offerwill offer
97. The first edition is no longer .......... in shops.
83. She may .......... everything.
sayingto saysay
98. You need a .......... password to access the website.
84. My parents were .......... the flat on Saturday evening.
99. He warned John to .......... the stairs carefully as they were wet. But it was too late.
John slipped, fell down and broke his leg.
descenddescendeddescend to
85. I .......... Greek before I went to Greece.
will learnhad learnthave learnt
100. In the background of the painting one could see some .......... trees
growing on the bank of a stream.