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English for adults 40+

Decades ago, learning English was not as common as it is today. For this reason, some people aged 40+, cannot communicate freely with people from abroad. Therefore, for mature people we have created special courses.

A friendly atmosphere prevails during the classes. The courses take place in bright rooms, on comfortable chairs. The instructors are qualified teachers who know the most effective methods for fruitful learning.

OLYMP 40+ 

English for Adults 40+, offered by Olymp Academy, is a great proposition for all who want to not only learn the basics of the language, but also want to communicate with people from abroad without problems, as well as understand foreign films and programs. Olymp 40+ provides effective learning and as well as a nice time spent among peers. Thanks to the fact that the participants share a common goal: openness to getting to know new things and willingness to constantly learn, attending our classes is a pleasure.

The level of teaching is always adjusted to the skills of the whole group. For this purpose, the instructor checks the skills of individual students at the very beginning of the course. We try to adapt the date of classes to the preferences and availability of interested participants. Each new student is entitled to two trial meetings during which they will be able to assess the effectiveness of the proposed learning.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We will gladly provide you with a reliable and comprehensive answer and we will present our entire offer in detail.